Contribution to the mobile future

Euro Industrie Consulting GmbH

For over 20 years in the service of the automotive industry


In order to survive in the dynamic market of the automotive industry, you need competence, a lot of experience and sound technical engineering knowledge. It speaks for itself that Euro Industrie Consulting GmbH has been consistently following this path for over 20 years. In the coming years, we will face the challenges of the automotive future with a great deal of commitment. But we also like to look back on our development and the milestones in our company history:


 1994  Founding of the engineering office Sven Malburg as Service Company for German and European automotive suppliers
 1997  Establishment of a branch office in Wolfsburg
 1999  Change of name to the newly founded Euro Industrie Consulting GmbH
 Expansion of the services with focus on the requirements of 1st tier and 2nd tier suppliers
 2010  Splitting into the three key areas Consulting, Engineering and Technical Services
 2012 Move into the new offices in the ASAP building in Gaimersheim
 2014  Admission for personnel leasing according to §2 AÜG